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19 April 2014:
Pick-up Falls from Bridge Injuring 11
High Pressure PVC Water Guns Still Being Used in Pattaya
18 April 2014:
Mystery of abandoned motorbike outside of South Pattaya Naked Sushi Restaurant
Man arrested for assault after North Pattaya crash and road rage incident
17 April 2014:
Japanese Businessman robbed of gold necklace in North Pattaya
Visitors to Pattaya Complain Beach Vendors Taking up Parking Spaces
Foreign Thieves Steal Watch Worth 10 Million THB
16 April 2014:
Alcohol Bans and Road closures planned for Pattaya Songkran Festival
Cambodian Slashed After Attempting to Rape Friend’s Wife
Attempted Necklace Theft from Chinese Tourist in Central Pattaya
15 April 2014:
Football Club Chairman Makes Teenage Thugs Fight With Thai Boxers
102 Killed, 893 Injured First 2 Days Of Songkran 2014
14 April 2014:
Drunken Elderly Norwegian Drowns Off Jomtien Beach
Son-In-Law Who Was High On Drugs Goes On Shooting Spree
2 Suspects Arrested For Abducting And Burning Business Couple In Rayong
13 April 2014:
Garbage Truck Collides With Motorcycle Killing The Rider Instantly
After Over 200 Thefts From Cars Couple Finally Arrested
39 killed, 402 injured in road accidents on first of 'seven dangerous' Songkran holidays
12 April 2014:
Dutch victims of Ladyboy IPhone Snatch in front of South Pattaya Hotel
Taxi Drivers Swindled By Thai Man With Amputated Fingers
Pattaya Motorbike Taxi Driver found dead in rear of pick-up in Jomtien
11 April 2014:
21 year old man accused of sexually assaulting 74 year old woman in East Pattaya
Oil washed ashore along Jomtien Beach
Pick Up Explosion, 2 Female Bodies Found
10 April 2014:
British Fatality at Central Pattaya Apartment
4 suspected drug users and dealers caught by Pattaya Police
Meatball Seller Arrested For Dealing Drugs
9 April 2014:
Nunchuk-Swinging Spaniard Arrested For Robbery
Thailand Joins Forces With South Africa In Tackling Human Trafficking
8 April 2014:
Pattaya Police Arrest Gamblers At a Well-Known Beer Bar Complex
Amphetamine Dealer Arrested In Walking Street
7 April 2014:
14 year old Cambodian Girl alleges sexual assault at South Pattaya campsite
Royal Thai Navy descendants caught drug dealing
6 April 2014:
South African Woman Caught With Over 24.5 Million THB Of Cocaine
DJ Accidentally Finds Her Stolen Car
5 April 2014:
Mini Van Driver Tries to Rape 18 Year Old Girl
Guard Shot Twice in the Knees
Transgender Woman Tricked By Fake Photographer
4 April 2014:
Navy Guard sought after shooting in front of Korean-owned House in East Pattaya
Casino Room discovered at all-night Pub in Central Pattaya
3 April 2014:
Thai Burglar who Used a Gun to Rob a Russian Woman Arrested
Gamer seeking WIFI signal falls from Central Pattaya Condominium
2 April 2014:
Body of Naked Foreign Vagrant found at abandoned construction site in Jomtien
Three Pattaya burglary suspects arrested by Nongprue Police
Woman's Body Found Hidden In Rubber Tree Plantation
1 April 2014:
Skimmers Rob Chinese Tourists Of More then 1 Million Baht
Russian Woman Robbed At Home
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