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18 September:
Two suspected attackers of Scottish Man in Central Pattaya report to Police
56 – Year – Old Man Shot 5 Times
Manhunt for East Pattaya double dog murder suspect begins
17 September:
Foreign Drunk Driver accused of poor parking at Pattaya Market
Police Inspect Room Of Pattaya Gunman
16 September:
Gang Steals Motorbikes In Pattaya
Man arrested as smart phone is snatched from Iranian at Pattaya Port
15 September:
FBI Informs Thai Police About Child Abuser In Chiang Mai
Iranian Tourist Has Phone Snatched In Walking Street
14 September:
Thai Men Attack Foreigner In Pattaya
Shots fired during armed robbery at East Pattaya Herbal Shop
13 September:
Body of man found on Pattaya Beach close to Walking Street
Motorcycle Taxi Riders Caught Drinking Whilst Working
12 September:
Fake Monks Caught Red Handed For Illegally Collecting Money
Object Which Looked Like a Bomb Found In Pattaya Park
11 September:
Mothers Appeals For Her Sons Justice In Pattaya
10 September:
Teenagers Caught Consuming And Selling Drugs In Pattaya
Hi-Lo Gambling Ring Busted In Pattaya Apartment
Pattaya Immigration arrest 23 illegal workers at Karaoke Bar
9 September:
Raincoat Gang Snatch Taiwanese Woman's Purse
Car Runs Red Light Hitting 2 Chinese Girls In Pattaya
8 September:
Motorcycle Taxi Rider Caught Again For Extortion In Pattaya
Parents of murdered woman in North Pattaya report to Police
7 September:
Motorcycle Taxi Rider Caught Again For Extortion In Pattaya
Egregious Beach Vendor Kicks Sand Over Female Tourist
6 September:
Man Kills Wife With Pillow After Argument In Pattaya
5 September:
Finnish Drug Dealing Suspect caught by Pattaya Police
Uzbekistan Prostitutes Caught In Pattaya
British National admits to deceiving Pattaya Police in street robbery case
4 September:
Chinese Woman Has Hand Bag Snatched In Pattaya
Pattaya Officials Crack Down On Labourer Smuggling Gang
3 September:
Chonburi Administrative Officers Arrest Big Drug Dealer
Hunt for Pattaya Human Trafficking suspect and 'Immigrant Protector'
2 September:
Officials Clamp Down Illegal Lottery Dealers In Pattaya
Chinese Tour Group Sex Show complaint to Pattaya Tourist Police
Pressure on Pattaya Police to solve 'Boat and Body' mystery
1 September:
Lady Boy Gangs Rounded Up In Walking Street Pattaya
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