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News Pattaya brings you the latest headlines from Pattaya's top publications. Updated from the Pattaya region in Thailand.

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Pattaya news and general information.
Scams in Pattaya

Cheat the foreigner to fill the pocket with easy money. City of angels, city of Scams and cheating, the dark side of Pattaya cit.
A Go Go's & Coyote clubs in Pattaya

About the famous a go go bars & Coyote dance clubs at the Pattaya nightlife entertainment. A great place, a good night or another shit cheat place. Let us know you experiences.
Girlie bars in Pattaya

Open air beer bars, great bars to have fun, but also places where you be in trouble before you know.
Dancing's and Discotheques in Pattaya

What about the Pattaya disco's and dancing clubs. Do you had a good time without some, who want drugged you.
Bar fine Pattaya working girls

Some "Must to know" info about the working ladies from the business industry in Pattaya.

How much did you pay at night in Pattaya? Reasonable prices or was it overpriced.
Massage in Pattaya

Massage places, bad or good, oil or soapy, tell it here.
Cheaters in Pattaya

Do you know some people in Pattaya who are make a living to cheat others, tell it.
Thai Girls in Pattaya

Tell the good and the bad things about the Thai bar girls in Pattaya.
Fools in Pattaya

Do you know some real silly fool foreigners, tell it.
Lady Boys Pattaya

The good Ones, the bad Ones, the snatchers, the pick pocket Ones.
Roads & Traffic

What happen on the Pattaya roads.

All about the tourism in Pattaya & Thailand
Visa Info

The latest info about Thai visa's
Disgrace clips & video's

Disgrace clips and links to it
Funny Quotes and Pictures

Selection of "Only in Thailand" Quotes and Funny Pictures
Drug Dealers

All about the gangs and arrested drug dealers
Thieves, robbery and snatchings

About theft's, burglary's, bag snatching and necklace snatchings
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