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22 July:
Boy Racers Caught on Central Pattaya Road
Drug Crazed Cambodians Force Captain Ashore
21 July:
Boy Racers Caught on Central Pattaya Road
Russians robbed by two Cambodians on Pattaya Beach Road
20 July:
Police Arrest Bag Snatching Gang In Pattaya
Pattaya Officers Raid Pub Again After It Was Ordered To Close For 30 Days
19 July:
Koh Larn Travel Ltd. Operations Suspended In Pattaya
Motorcycle Taxis To Be Inspected Again
18 July:
Mother abandons child at Pattaya Beer Bar
Lady Boy Rapes 72 Year Old Woman
17 July:
Arrest made in long-running South Pattaya Hotel construction dispute
Man Snatched Bag Containing 115,000 Baht In Pattaya
16 July:
Two Ladyboys steal Gold Necklace from Australian on Pattaya Beach
Chinese Tourist Purse Snatched In Pattaya
15 July:
Use of horn at Buddhist Shrine leads to shooting in East Pattaya
Football Betting Decreases In Pattaya
14 July:
Police action questioned after Shooting at Jomtien Tattoo Shop
Girl Shot by Teenage Motorcycle Gang In Pattaya
12 July:
Teenager Hit By Motorcycle In Front of Pattaya City Police Station
Boy and Ex-Girlfriend Attacked By Pattaya Teenagers
11 July:
Pattaya To Intensify Control of Motorcycle Taxis Again
Immigration Arrest Human Trafficking Gang
10 July:
Slot Machines and firearm seized, two Pattaya Bars raided by Pattaya Police
Pattaya To Protect Violence On Foreigners
Ex-Soldier Found Dead in The Sea off Pattaya
9 July:
Multi-Million Baht Pattaya Illegal Money Lending Operation shut-down
Police Raid Internet Gambling Café in Pattaya
8 July:
Frenchman suspected of killing his son then committing suicide in Jomtien
7 July:
Teenager Gunmen Shoots At Truck In Pattaya
Woman attempts to pass illegal drugs to inmate at Pattaya Police Station cells
Central Pattaya Thai Pub raided by District Licensing Officers
5 July:
Popular South Pattaya Discotheque raided by Police, 3 Russians arrested
A Gang of 8 Boys Rape Girl In Classroom
4 July:
Two Men Raped Girl in A Cottage In Pattaya
Police Clamp Down 1 billion THB Football Bet Website
3 July:
Mother-of-two commits suicide at East Pattaya home
Prison Inmate-controlled drug network cracked by Pattaya Police
Pattaya Police seize gun and drugs in Larn Island raid
2 July:
Foreigner suspected of dealing drugs in Central Pattaya entertainment area
Van Driver Dozes Off Causing Accident In Pattaya
1 July:
Russian Woman Has Bag Snatched in Pattaya
Young German drugged and robbed at Central Pattaya Apartment
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